15 June 2021


Most parents love and hate parenting advice at the same time. Quite frankly, on one hand, it can be contradictory and annoying, an on the other hand, revelatory and even life-changing. It can either make you feel like you've already failed at parenting, or open your eyes to new ways of responding to arising parenting challenges.  

So before you take any parenting advice, ask yourself if it will bring some joy and peace in your family, and if it goes hand in hand with your values. No matter your parenting stage or where you come from, you may have probably noticed that parenting trends are changing, pretty fast.

To keep you up to speed, here are top 5 new parenting trends you should know in 2021 moving forward.  

1.Child-led Parenting   This is a rising parenting trend where kids are allowed to lead the way instead of parents making all the decisions for them. While as a parent you should always lead, your goal is not to control your kids and make them do what you want. Instead, you should focus on giving your children some degree of age-appropriate freedom and choices while clearly communicating the consequences. Make sure the children are free to make certain choices, but they should still be held responsible if they misuse the freedom and break the rules.  

2.Digital technology Integration into family-life   Digital technology has significantly impacted parenting in the last few years. Issues such as cyber-bullying, kids' overuse and online safety have been a major concern. Parents nowadays want more information on how their kids are using technology, rather than simply applying cease and desist tactics. There is a new trend today where parents want their kids to benefit and make the best use of technology in a way that enriches family life while staying safe.  

3.Conversations that influence.   Today's parents are quickly realizing how conversing with children can influence their thinking and behavior. Merely talking to your kids doesn't automatically build the parent-child relationship and trust. In this fast changing and increasingly chaotic world, it has become clear that parents need to have meaningful two-way conversations with their children. The best way to get started at this is by sharing mealtimes with your kids and paying special interest to their talking points.  

4.Resilience-Building Parenting   This rising parenting trend prepares and encourages children to pick themselves back up right away after a disappointment or setback. This is thought to build traits of problem-solving, independence, social connection and optimism. Indeed, you should support your children to progressively build resilience from a young stage. Be available when your child encounter's a setback such as losing a game and listen to them, and acknowledge their feelings of sadness and disappointment. Encourage and help them see how they can make the situation better and learn from it.  

5.Authoritative Parenting   This trend calls for a great sense of balance. As a parent, you need not to be too rigid or strict while still making sure you are not a pushover. The name might sound intimidating, but this parenting trend is actually more democratic and flexible, seeking to strike a pleasance and favorable balance to both sides. Some of the traits of this trend include placing behavioral limits on your kids but issuing consistent and fair discipline when rules are broken. Also, having expectations for your children by offering them the emotional support and resources required to succeed.  

Bottom line. Being aware of parenting trends will influence your success at raising a happy and healthy family. The most confident and savvy parents are those that stay ahead of the curve rather than struggling to keep up with what their children are doing or thinking.

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