02 March 2022

The New Normal in Holiday Travel

A holiday is a time to relax, spend time with family and friends, or just generally have fun away from life's daily concerns. The holidays are a great time to foster mental well-being so it will come as no surprise that they are conducive to it. People who take vacations tend to be more satisfied with their lives, more committed to their jobs, and happier with their relationships.

But when the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic hit, things started to change. Many people had to put their plans on hold. Those who had already booked their holiday trips were advised to do everything possible to change their plans, even if the fee for changing an itinerary is high. Others decided not to travel at all and stayed at home. We were forced to stay in one place because traveling through pandemic areas was deemed dangerous.

Today the holiday season has started again. Once again, we face the question of whether it is still possible to travel, or should we just leave everything as it is? Many reasons can affect our desire to carry out a previously planned holiday: fear of the new normal, fear of a pandemic breakout, the fear of flying in an airplane, staying with unknown people in a strange place, and not feeling safe.

But if we look at it from another perspective, spending time on holiday is very beneficial for your mental well-being and fun. Vacations can reduce stress levels and can make us feel better about ourselves. I'm sure that you do not want to miss the opportunity to get away from it all, even if there are some fears about safety.

To help you out, we have listed some outdoor activities that can be done with low to average risk.

Outdoor Activities to help you Unwind


One of the most enjoyable ways to spend your holiday is by camping. It is a great way to unwind and recharge. It won't matter whether you camp in a tent or a camper, you'll get to enjoy the open air and be close to everything. It offers both comfort and adventure, which is probably what you are looking for on your next trip. You can do it with family or friends or you want some time alone in the wild.

Fishing with friends

Fishing with friends is one of the finest ways to relieve stress and to de-stress. When you are fishing, you are not only enjoying your favorite activity but also spending time with someone who matters to you. You will find all sorts of other benefits that belonging to a community may offer; like support in times of need. If you are the sort of person that would benefit from less stress in your life, then you would do well to spend some time fishing.

Outdoor Dining

The latest trend in holidaying is opting for outdoor dining. You can enjoy the outdoors while you dine on some delicious cuisines. Several restaurants allow you to enjoy your meal with live music as well. This is a positive thing as it adds value to the entire outdoor dining experience. Live music at such places is very soothing and relaxing. The most enjoyable part is that outdoor dining allows you to enjoy your meal with family members and loved ones. It also brings a sense of freshness to the entire eating experience.


The coolest part about visiting a waterpark is that there are never any crowds. If you go to a normal theme park, there is always a huge rush. But this is definitely not the case with water parks. Because of their vast area and fewer people, they are extremely safe. You can try all sorts of fun activities without any fear. It makes a perfect holiday destination for everyone, no matter how big or small. Aphrodite Waterpark located in the Paphos region is one such place that you can consider heading to if you want a hassle-free fun-filled vacation.

Road Trips

Road trips are a convenient way to rid yourself of the stress you feel from your job, studies, or daily life. This is because it gives you time for introspection and self-examination. During road trips, it's common to find oneself staring at the window as the world flies by. You can listen carefully to music that uplifts your mood, which is why these are the perfect remedy for being stressed out.

Road trips aren't limited to rural areas. You can even find picturesque landscapes in your own city, so long as you have access to a car and know where to go. Even if you decide on a road trip near your hometown, the experience will surely be worthwhile. This is because of the beautiful things you get to see and experience. When you take a road trip, you get to explore at your own pace. You can take frequent breaks if you want to, or drive for hours straight if that's what makes you happy.

Beach Trips

One of the most relaxing ways to unwind or destress is to take a break and relax at the beach. As your mind and body let go and allow you to enjoy nature first hand. The amount you relax on the beach after a long week at work is one of the most rejuvenating feelings in the world.

Whether you’re lying out on the beach, watching the waves crash in, or dipping your feet into cool seawater. Perhaps you are heading to a secluded island with miles of white sand beaches where you can unwind and soak up all that peace. Whatever it is that can provide you with some alone time, the beach is the perfect place to get it.

Final Thoughts

Taking time off can have many benefits, such as better sleep and greater mental health. It is clear that at first there were concerns about going on a trip because of the pandemic, but that these fears diminished over time as there are now ways to enjoy a safe vacation. With the help of vaccines and better understanding of the virus, more people are starting to step out and can ride an airplane, train, or automobile.

For many people the holidays are still a wonderful time, so do not let fear overcome your desire to go away, you can have a fun and safe vacation with your loved ones. When you plan beforehand, you'll be more likely to be safe while traveling. Both your mind and body will appreciate taking a holiday vacation. Also, don’t forget to video record your trip so that you are able to look back on all those happy memories whenever you feel like it. Capturing your trip on video can add an extra level of excitement and immersion that photos can't provide. With your shots, you can also create YouTube videos for friends and family to see.  Be sure to pack your video camera (or even just your smartphone) when you go on vacation along with taking all the necessary precautions. Have an amazing time on your vacation!

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