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Your Family Holiday: What to Pack for the Weather in Cyprus


If you and your family are planning a trip to Paphos, Cyprus, you’ll definitely want to check out our handy guide to the weather in Cyprus and what to pack for Paphos to make the most out of your holiday!

If you’re after plenty of sunshine and blue skies, the time to visit is between April and October. These months see the best of our long Mediterranean summer, making it the perfect family holiday time. There are summer activities to suit everyone and plenty of entertainment for the kids!


In January, the weather in Cyprus is at its coolest — even hail and snow are possible. There’s a high chance of the slippery stuff falling from the sky, so make sure to pack nice and warmly. The evenings are at their coolest and frosts can be frequent, though not harsh. Average temperature: 08°C-17°C What to pack for Paphos: Warm jackets, warm clothing and hiking boots to explore.



February’s temperature remains pretty cool for the most part, and there’s still a fairly high chance of the wet stuff. The rocky February climate means there’s fewer things to do with your kids in Paphos than in the summer, but the sights are still pretty awesome. Average temperature: 08°C-17°C What to pack for Paphos: An umbrella, warm jumpers and medium coats. .



Come March, the weather in Cyprus is still quite cool, but days are beginning to get longer. It’s still not great for spending much time by the beach, and most waterparks are being prepared for next month when they open. Average temperature: 09°C-19°C What to pack for Paphos: Clothes that give you a medium level of warmth and light jumpers.


Score! Compared to March, April sees much warmer weather in Cyprus, and it’s a great time for getting out and about over the Easter break. Everywhere is lush, green and exciting. Our waterpark officially opens for the long summer ahead and there’s plenty of things for both you and the kids to do in Paphos. Top tip: Book your family waterpark tickets online and you’ll automatically save 10%  Average temperature: 11°C-21°C What to pack for Paphos: Medium-light clothing, beach towels and a swimming costume!


May starts the long Mediterranean summer of fun in Cyprus. All outdoor beach restaurants and bars will now be open, and the weather is perfect for swimming and splashing around with the kids. Average temperature: 15°C-24°C What to pack for Paphos: Summer clothing, swimwear and a light jacket for the evenings.


The hot June weather in Cyprus means it’s definitely time to treat the family to lots of ice cream! If you’re having a day of family fun in our waterpark, remember there are plenty of shady spots for you and the kids to make use of. Top tip: Why not check out all of our park facilities? We’ve got plenty to keep you entertained! Average temperature: 18°C-28°C What to pack for Paphos: Light clothing, sun protection and some long-sleeves for the evenings.


July and August are the wall to wall sunshine months in Cyprus, so it’s a great time to cool off and have fun in the waterpark! We recommend bringing lots waterproof sunscreen, and if you’re on holiday with young children, you may want to avoid sightseeing between 12-3pm, when the day is at its hottest. Average temperature: 20°C-30°C What to pack for Paphos: Plenty of light summer clothing, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.


Hot summer temperatures, clear blue skies and lots of water-based activities is what your August holiday to Paphos is all about. It’s also a lot quieter on the roads as this is when local Cypriots tend to take their summer break. The evenings are lovely and warm, and it’s a great time to laze by the pool. Top tip: Check out these seven really cool things to do on your summer holiday to Paphos. Average temperature: 21°C-30°C What to pack for Paphos: Plenty of light summer clothing, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.


The sunshine and warm weather in Cyprus continues throughout September and the water is still a perfect temperature for swimming in. Just like in June, July and August, we recommend taking plenty of sun protection and a bottle of water when sightseeing. Average temperature: 19°C-29°C What to pack for Paphos: Summer clothing, sun protection and long sleeves for the evening.


In October, the weather in Cyprus is still nice and warm, so it is perfect for young families planning a holiday in half term. There’s still plenty of activities for kids and families to do, and we remain open until the end of the month. Average temperature: 16°C-27°C What to pack for Paphos: Light clothing for the day time and jackets for the cooler evenings.


Around the middle of November, Cyprus becomes cooler and it can rain. Sunbathing is still possible, but not nearly as nice or comfortable as in the summer months. It’s still good weather for outdoor activities or excursions. Average temperature: 13°C-22°C What to pack for Paphos: Light jumpers, an umbrella and medium clothing in general.


The month of December welcomes our Mediterranean winter. The temperature drops and meteorological statistics show that December is considered our wettest month of all. Mild frosts can be frequent, but it is still a pleasant month to go hiking and see the cultural sites. Average temperature: 10°C-19°C What to pack for Paphos: Warm jackets, mostly winter clothing and don’t forget an umbrella! Whenever you’re planning your family holiday, make sure to sign up to our mailing list so that you can stay up to date with all of our latest offers, discounts and deals. You can sign up here.



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