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What are the gate prices at the park?

Adults 31 euro
Children 18 euro (under 12)
0-3 Go for free
YOU SAVE ONLY BY BOOKING ONLINE!! (discount of 10% is applied when you ADD TO BASKET)

Are we allowed to bring our own food and drink into the park?

Unfortunately not, but we have an excellent selection of food and drinks inside the park, at competitive prices.

I have young children, under the age of 5, are there any rides or attractions that are suitable for them?

Yes, we have a wonderful area especially designed for smaller children. There is an area that is solely for the parents to relax in, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the children. The Kiddies Pool has 2 small slides, a Pirate Ship, Splashing Rainforest, Spraying Elephant, Shooting Water Clown and a Melon Bucket attraction. There is also Water Mushrooms and small Bouncy Wet Bubble. The amazing Family Rafting ride and Lazy River are also suitable for young children, when accompanied by adults.

We are a large group staying in Paphos, do you offer any group discounts?

Yes, we have a variety of special offers please contact us for the latest information

Can we pay the entrance fee by credit card?

Yes, all major credit cards and Euro’s are accepted. You can also pay for the items charged to your wristband at the end of the day at the exit, so no need to carry any cash with you around the park

Do you have any job vacancies within the park?

Please send your current CV to contact us with a covering letter detailing when you are available to work and what sort of position you are looking for. We will respond to you if there is anything suitable.

Where can I get Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark Season Pass or a V.I.P Card?

You can get your season pass or family V.I.P Card either by ordering online with our shopping cart.

Can I leave the park and re-enter?

Yes, to leave the park and return the same day, you must get your wristband checked before you exit the front gate.

Can I page members of my party or make announcements in the park?

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark does not have a public address system available for use by separated parties, so please arrange times where members of your group can meet. Guests are welcome to leave messages at the entrance gate.

Can I bring coolers and food to the park?

With the exception of special diet/need items due to a medical condition (which may be kept in a personal-sized cooler), outside food and beverages are not permitted in the park.

Do you have lockers available?

Yes, lockers are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. Please refer to your park map for locations. Full day rental 5.00 euros

What happens if it rains?

At Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark, nothing is more important than your safety. Attractions may shut down due to lightning in the area, strong winds, rain or other weather conditions as decided by park management. The attractions will re-open just as soon as we can assure a totally safe operation. We are sorry, no refunds or rain checks will be given for any reason once Guests enter the park.

How much is parking?

Parking is free!

I do not plan on going on any attractions. Do you have a special price for me?

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark does not have a non-rider discount.

What is your refund policy on daily tickets and season passes?

A.Admissions tickets and Season Passes and V.I.P passes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for any reason after the order transaction is complete at the Front Gate, online through our website, or other retail outlets. This includes weather related events. We do not issue rain checks. Please check local weather conditions prior to planning your visit.

What should I do if I have issues printing my tickets online?

Once you complete your online transaction, you will receive an email with your purchase receipt. If you are unable to print your tickets at your current location, You will need the credit card you used to purchase the tickets and your confirmation number.

Do you offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes, we have free wifi throughout the park.

Does Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark provide towels?

It's so much fun here you will never want to leave the water, but when its time to get out you must have your own tower waiting for you.

We do not have a printer as we are on holidays. Can we show you our ticket on the email from our phone?

You do not need to print your ticket, you can either present your reference number or take a screen shot of your booking, we will them compare it to our records.

If I purchase a 2 day ticket do I need to use it on 2 consecutive days?

No you do not, you can visit the park any day during the season.

What documents are required in order to purchase a vip family pass?

With the vip family pass you have unlimited access to the park for you and your family through out the season.

Documents required are id or passport, names and photos of the family.

After purchasing our tickets, can we visit the park any day?

Yes, by purchasing a ticket online it is valid until the end of that season.

I have purchased a ticket online and i haven't received a online confirmation, what should i do?

First of all before contacting us please look into your spam folder, your booking reference might have ended up there. If not then all you need to remember is your reference number, if for some reason you don't remember that then we will search our records with your name and surname upon your visit.

What is the height restriction when applicable?

Minimum height restriction is 1,20cm on applicable slides

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