Are you a daredevil wishing to test your limits of sanity in the name of seeking thrills? Why not have a go at Aqua Infinity, one of our most exhilarating waterslides? Get ready to take the challenge and plunge down a dizzying tube encountering multiple heart-pumping drops, twists and twirls along the way since the light rays make you feel as if you’re speeding down insanely fast. While you are swishing and swooshing at such high speed, you won’t even know what’s waiting around the corner – but that’s the fun of it! By the time you realise what you’re really in for, it’s already too late. Boosting adrenaline to a whole new level, Aqua Infinity leaves you overwhelmed!


Age restrictions apply to this ride, please check the signs or speak with the nearest lifeguard for safety instructions.