Клуб корпоративных скидок

Show your employees you care with a great perk that doesn't cost you a dime!

Your employees will appreciate their discounted visit to Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark, which as you should know already is one of the most awesome things to do in Cyprus!

  • Apply online (you must be a company with a valid website URL). Upon approval, you'll receive an unique employer promotional code.

  • You'll receive free promotional materials and coupons to promote your unique code to employees.

  • Your employees log on to aphroditewaterpark.com, enter your company's code, pay with their credit card while saving € per ticket on their print-at-office or print-at-home ticket!

  • No tickets to track and no money collection!

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Получите VIP-карту Gold за 259 евро и получите неограниченную парковку для вас и всей семьи!
Проведите Свой День рождения в Акропарке Афродиты в Пафосе! Испытайте море положительных эмоций!
Покажите своим сотрудникам, что они вам дороги!