Another notable feature for a fascinating time at the waterpark is Nautilous Screw, which is the draw for all adventure-seekers. Take a spine-tingling plunge down the slides sending you on successive twists and turns before the invigorating plunge and enjoy the amazing thrill to the end. With several loops along the ride, prepare yourself to be dizzy-headed once you have spun your way through the winding tubes and out into the landing pool at an intense speed. Don’t do it alone, this is a delight for all to explore.  Warning: only for riders who are willing to venture into an action-packed slide and reach the climax of excitement!

Riders of Nautilus Screw are carefully instructed on how they have to position their bodies on this fast-moving water slide. Height restrictions apply to this ride, please check the signs or speak with the nearest lifeguard if you have any questions.