15 July 2019

Best Tips for Travelling With Your Kids for less Stress and more Fun! Are you thinking of travelling with your kids for a holiday or annual vacation? Well, it's only natural to be worried about arriving at your intended destination in one piece, as the kids can act up and leave you more frazzled and less ready for the ultimate fun. Let's face it; travelling with the young ones is not an easy task. However, with the best tips, you can make the most of your flights and trips.

22 June 2019


21 July 2018

If you want to treat your family to a Greek holiday, make sure that it’s a holiday everyone can enjoy and book a room at one of Paphos’s family friendly hotels. The Aliathon Holiday Village, Olympic Lagoon and Avanti Holiday Village offer fun and entertainment for all ages.

18 June 2018

Heading to Cyprus next year? We’ve collated the best local food and drinks to try when you’re exploring the Cypriot lands. Cypriot cuisine is very beneficial for vegetarians, with many dishes containing cheese and vegetables as an alternative to meat. However, the dishes that do contain lamb and pork are cooked in traditional ways that subvert how tourists would usually devour the dishes.

15 May 2018

It’s the perfect time to book yourself a break in the beautiful island of Cyprus. Renowned for its stunning beaches, ancient history and lively culture, tourists often forget the beautiful landmarks the country has to offer. If a romantic walk around the capital isn’t all you want from your holiday, then it’s time to explore the colourful country of Cyprus!

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